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Knowledge base

Are you considering working with professionals with a refugee background? When it comes to hiring refugee talent, we've developed a lot of knowledge and experience over the past years. We're sharing all of that here - hoping to support you in your journey. We'll also share relevant external information.

All knowledge in one place

The knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the past years - and any relevant new insights – can be found here, to support you in your journey.

July 19th 2024

Hoofd in de wolken, voeten op de grond, kop in de wind

Droom groot: Refugee Talent Hub streeft naar een eerlijke arbeidsmarkt waar vluchtelingen gelijke kansen krijgen en hun talenten benut worden.…

July 17th 2024

System for the future

Our chairman of the board Manon van Beek argues that a system change is needed: “We have to look at…

July 11th 2024

Blik op recruitment: skills-based hiring

  • Employment best practice
  • job market
  • recruitment
  • HR in L&D

Skills-based hiring is hiring people based on skills and competencies – instead of on the basis of their CV and…


We've combined some of the most important themes in collections.

  • Dossier

First-hand experiences

This dossier contains 13 articles

Stories about newcomers' and managers' experiences.

  • Dossier

Employment best practice

This dossier contains 10 articles

Topics such as the role of DEI in your organisation and the importance of buy-in, are dealt with in this…

  • Dossier

In practice

This dossier contains 11 articles

This collections consists of information about things you could encounter in practice, such as unconcious bias, cultural differences, et cetera.

  • Dossier

(Dutch) laws and regulations

This dossier contains 9 articles

This collection comprises of information regarding laws and regulations in The Netherlands, applicable to hiring people with a refugee background.