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I’m looking for new talent

Refugee Talent Hub brings employers and refugees closer together with the aim of paid jobs.

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The value of work is immense, and talent is abundant. Unfortunately, there are barriers at the individual, organizational, and societal levels between refugees and employment. We must break through this ceiling together. Will you help too?

  • Wilma Roozenboom
  • Director Refugee Talent Hub

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About Refugee Talent Hub

Refugee Talent Hub brings refugees and employers closer together with the goal of paid employment. Our dream is for a Netherlands where employers recognize and harness the talents of refugees, ensuring equal opportunities in the job market.

Through small-scale, customized meetings and activities, we emphasize personal encounters between employers and refugees. Together with employers, we aim for a refugee-friendly workplace where employees with a refugee background seamlessly integrate and feel at home, just like anyone else.

Why become a partner?

Underutilized potential

Refugees are professionals born somewhere else. That's what we believe in and stand for. It’s a waste not to harness the potential of all those newcomers who have come to live here. It's a loss for individuals, a missed opportunity for organizations, and for our society as a whole. Everyone has the potential to contribute value somewhere.

Labor shortages

Refugees are a source of talent. Like nearly every organization in the Netherlands, your organization undoubtedly faces challenges in finding skilled personnel. Labor shortages are not diminishing. Looking at talent differently can be a good solution for this. If you consider the desired skills for a role and think outside the box, a newcomer might actually be a better fit than someone who (at first glance) appears to match the job description.

Look beyond the label ‘refugee’ and see the human being. A person with talent, perseverance, and resilience.

  • Manon van Beek
  • CEO TenneT and chairperson of Refugee Talent Hub

More diverse organizations are future-proof

Various studies show that organizations with a more diverse workforce perform demonstrably better. The flexibility it provides, different perspectives, and problem-solving abilities contribute to increased innovation, higher productivity, and better adaptation to future challenges.

Enrichment for all colleagues

A diverse environment is enriching. It challenges your own perspective, may reveal more assumptions than you realized, and could completely change how you approach your next project. Having a more diverse group of colleagues benefits everyone. It fosters learning about cultures and languages, customs, and unspoken rules. Intercultural collaboration adds tremendous value.

Loyal employees

Employees with a refugee background score above average in motivation and drive to work, and tend to stay longer with the same employer on average. Your investment pays off twofold.

Social importance

Every organization also has societal objectives. Working with people with a refugee background can be a good way to address your goals for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or SROI (Social Return on Investment).

Employer branding: what does your organization stand for?

In your marketing and communication, you undoubtedly address the societal objectives you have chosen. More and more people consider it important that the company they work for also contributes to society. If you take a different approach to talent and genuinely prioritize diversity and inclusion, it will reflect in your employer branding.

Our partners

Together with our dedicated partners, we work towards bridging the gap between refugees and employment. With each partner, we align goals and commitment. We organize joint activities and share stories that positively influence perceptions of refugees and employment. Each collaboration is unique. In our stories, we highlight different aspects, for example:

  • With LinkedIn, we share the goal of removing barriers to employment; our partnership was therefore extended with a credit to advertise for free on LinkedIn.
  • Sweco hires 10 refugee professionals every year - we discussed the power of personal encounters with them.
  • Bunchmark is not only an HR partner for our team but also provides workshops for our candidates.

Want to know more? Check out an overview of all our partners here.

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Partner... and then what?

An employer hub

Our name is Refugee Talent Hub for a reason. We ensure that what we and our partners encounter and learn is shared with other partners. We share best practices. Every first Wednesday of the month, there is an employer session focused on delving into an interesting topic. We value your input and keeping us sharp.

Refugee-friendly workplace

Of course, we won't let you reinvent the wheel as a partner. We know what works and have expertise in creating support, rethinking recruitment processes, intercultural collaboration, and more. We're eager to share this knowledge with you. We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of your organization because we understand that every organization is unique. Interested in learning more about how we do this? We'd love to discuss it further in a personal conversation.

Also worth reading

Thanks to our partnership with Refugee Talent Hub, we have enriched our network with municipalities and individuals with a refugee background, and successfully rolled out our Skills for Employment program across all our stores.

  • Kim van der Hoeven
  • Co-Worker Experience Manager at IKEA Nederland

More information? Request an introductory meeting.

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Our corporate partners